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Kosta Manos
Kosta has worked in Corporate America for 25 years in various technical roles including (DoD) Department of Defense contracting, research analysis for multiple media outlets, account executive for tri-state loan company, and content writer for multiple Wall Street affiliated firms.

During the time he was building a career and raising a family, he was also simultaneously an entrepreneur with a minority stake in a thriving casual dining restaurant for 16 years.

Kosta still holds a selection of properties in his private portfolio.

All published articles are intended to be used for research and idea generation purposes only. Please note that all articles that Kosta Manos writes here are done so for personal informational/educational purposes only. Any purchases that he makes or opinions that he expresses are not meant as recommendations for anyone else. Please perform your own due diligence before following his lead into or out of a position. He is not a licensed professional. He enjoys investing and the open discussion that articles on this site inspire - this is why he writes, not to influence anyone else's decisions, but to enhance ones ability to make sound financial choices.

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