Pharmacy Warns FDA of Chemical Causing Cancer Found in Popular Blood Pressure Medication

10:42 06/23/2019

For many people who take blood pressure medicine, the last thing they want to know is that there may be a carcinogen in their medicine that may cause cancer.

Valisure, an online pharmacy company licensed in 37 states, has warned the Food and Drug Administration of a chemical that is believed to cause cancer and is widely used in a blood pressure medication called Valsartan.

Valsartan is produced by Novartis NVS  as well as other pharmaceutical companies.

According to a filing from the federal agency, Valisure told the FDA recently that high levels of dimethylformamide were found in the blood pressure medicine.

Even The World Health Organization classifies dimethylformamide, or DMF, as a probable human carcinogen.

Valisure has asked that Valsartan be recalled and that the FDA review and significantly lower the acceptable intake of DMF from its current level of 8,800,000 nanograms to less than 1,000 nanograms.

FDA spokesman Jeremy Kahn told CNBC that the agency will evaluate Valisure’s findings and will respond directly to the online pharmacy firm. He also added that patients should continue to take their blood pressure medication even if it is recalled until their doctor provides a replacement or alternative treatment.

“The quality and safety of all our products is of the utmost importance to Novartis,” said a Novartis spokesperson.

According to an FDA spokesman, “the amounts of DMF being reported are more than 100 times less than those determined by international standards as the level of concern to patients.”

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