KFC Executive Says Company is Considering Plant-based Fried Chicken

02:51 06/02/2019

Plant-based food has been all the rage lately which made it no surprise that Beyond Meat BYND  soared nearly 200% during its first day of trading not too long ago.

Restaurants are aiming to be a part of this meatless trend and KFC is the latest fast-food chain to consider a plant-based alternative.

According to a KFC executive, the fried chicken chain is considering plant-based fried chicken but has no plans to test right now.

KFC's U.S. president, Kevin Hochman, said that the company is in an “exploration phase right now” but has no plans to test a plant-based meat alternative quite yet.

Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat, the leading producers of plant-based meat alternatives, do not currently have chicken substitutes so this may make things complicated for the company.

McDonald's and Chick-fil-A have also been considering vegan entrees for their menus while Burger King and Del Taco have already started using plant-based beef and sausage products.

“For us, it’s really about understanding how does it evolve? Is chicken as popular as it seems beef will be? Is it something that would actually delight our customers or not?” Hochman explained in an interview.

The company's $5 Fill Up Meal which was launched in 2014, has helped the chain see sales growth these last few years. 'To this day, it is a huge part of our business and why our core customer comes back,” Hochman remarked.

“There are some people today who don’t eat chicken, but if we had an alternative protein product would they come into a KFC? That’s really the $64,000 question,” Hochman said.

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