Aurora Cannabis Chief Corporate Officer Feels Confident About the Company

06:29 04/28/2019

Canadian licensed cannabis producer, Aurora Cannabis ACB , has a very confident executive on its team.

Cam Battley, the company's CCO, has said that the company is 'leagues ahead of anybody currently in the U.S.'

The chief corporate officer has called Canada’s global leadership in the marijuana space a “happy accident.”

“This has given us a unique historical opportunity where the U.S. is not the leader,” Battley said to Yahoo Finance Canada at the O’Cannabiz Conference and Expo in Toronto this past week.

“Any government, especially in an economy that is changing fast — we’re losing in oil and gas, we’re losing in automotive — would be interested in a growth industry,” Battley said.

Battley wants Canada to be proud of its position as the top legal marijuana leader.

“They don’t have to be ashamed about it,” Battley said. “We are the leaders, and we will continue to maintain that lead over time, I hope.”

Recently it was revealed that Aurora Cannabis is also the most liked stoc by Robinhood users.

The trading platform has said that Aurora Cannabis stock was held by over 420,000 accounts and more than any other stock on the platform.

The number 420,000 is pretty ironic as it is a marijuana slang term that the drug's enthusiasts are familiar with.

Aurora Cannabis is now on a three-month streak as the most widely held stock on the free-trading app. So far this year the stock has posted an 82% gain.

The top five holdings on the trading app are Cronos, Apple, Ford, GE, and Aurora, not in any specific order.

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