A $110,000 Lincoln Car Was Sold Out in Just 48 Hours

03:48 01/25/2019

Suicide doors are an attractive feature on a car to many, so it's no surprise that Lincoln's new $110,000 Continental car with suicide doors was old out in just two days.

Every single one of the 80 special edition Lincoln Continentals were sold in just 48 hours and now the auto maker is planning to sell another run of the vehicles in 2020, with some changes though.

The 2019 Lincoln Continental had been debuted as the 80th Anniversary Lincoln Continental Coach Door Edition last month. Vehicles were sold on a first-come, first-service basis.

The "suicide doors" feature which was brought back to life this year, were on the vehicle as a common feature in the 1960s.

"Our first two calls came from New York and the West Coast, each wanted to be first,” said Robert Parker, director of marketing at Lincoln. “One customer was one of these people who could have whatever they wanted, and he wanted to match the Lincoln with his aircraft.”

“One guy from Tulsa has become a pen pal” waiting for this vehicle to one day happen, Parker said. “I even got a Christmas card from him this year. Over Thanksgiving, he was texting me because the rumors were heating up. I’ve never even met this person. I don’t know how he got in contact with me."

"Cars can still be effective to help represent where a brand is and where it is going. It be a kind of spiritual guide for the brand, even if it is not a sales leader," said Karl Brauer, executive publisher for Cox Automotive.

"The Continental signaled that Lincoln was going back to its roots, both in terms of naming and in terms of the expressive styling it had been known for, for so many decades," Brauer added.

Each order was said to be verified to ensure that it was placed by an actual buyer and not a speculator. Delivery of the vehicles are expected to happen this summer.0

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