Midterm Elections 2018: Four States May Approve Marijuana

09:01 11/05/2018

With midterm elections a day away, four states will vote on marijuana legalization. Marijuana on the Ballot Michigan may already have a strong medical marijuana industry, but voters will decide on its recreational use in just days. According to a Detroit Free Press survey, 55% of voters want to see it approved. Meanwhile 41% oppose it. In North Dakota, years after approving its medicinal use with 64% approval, the state may see an uphill battle for recreational sales. However, according to the Grand Forks Herald, 51% of voters do favor its legalization. At the moment, 36% oppose. On November 6, 2018, Utah — which has some of the strictest alcohol rules in the country — will vote on a medical marijuana initiative. However, polling says it may be an uphill battle. Less than 50% of those polled approve of its medical legalization. In addition, in Missouri, voters will choose between three measures, including: Amendment 2 (Medical Marijuana and Veteran Healthcare Services Initiative) This would legalize medicinal marijuana, and tax sales at 4%. Collected revenue will be used for healthcare services for veterans, an allow patients to grow at home. Amendment 3 (Medical Marijuana and Biomedical Research and Drug Development Institute Initiative) would legalize medicinal marijuana, tax sales at 15%, and create a marijuana research center in Missouri. Proposition C (Medical Marijuana and Veterans Healthcare Services, Education, Drug Treatment, and Public Safety Initiative) would legalize medicinal marijuana, tax marijuana sales at 2%, and spend revenue on veterans, drug treatment, education and public safety. As U.S. legalization gains momentum, we’re betting on big upside

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