Here’s Critical Evidence That Led To OSI Systems Stock Crash

06:35 12/06/2017

Coming off its 52 week high of $96.64 investors of OSI Systems, Inc. OSIS  went to sleep on Tuesday evening with their investment closing quote being just about $12 below the 52 week high. Fast forward to Wednesday opening bell, shareholders woke up to the shock of their lives as the stock tanked more than 30 percent intraday.

Today’s panic selling had investors rushing for the exits to salvage what could be left of their investment before the stock wiped them out clean. The short sellers in this stock obviously banked monster profits and are probably still waiting for the downward spiral to continue.

OSIS  newsfeed has been clogged with numerous press releases from law firms trampling over each other to file class action lawsuits on behalf of investors who have suffered losses.

Now for the juicy stuff, I hate to be the bearer of bad news but if the name Sino-Forest Corp doesn’t cause a chill to run down your spine or ring a bell in the mind of OSIS  shareholders then they better start researching about the rise and fall of this company's stock, And why the name Muddy Waters Research scares any public company that sees them sniffing around their business. The bottom line is, with Muddy Waters Research breathing down the neck of OSI Systems, shareholders better be prepared for the wildest ride of what's left their investment. Things are about to get worse before they get better.

I suggest OSIS  shareholders and investors pay close attention to this battle as they will be the ones to tell the shareholders of the next company attacked by Muddy Waters Research about how they handled their PTSD after being scarred by the losses they suffered in OSI Systems

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