Tyler Technologies Acquires Radio 10-33, an Audio Capture Company

05:01 11/29/2017

Tyler Technologies, Inc. TYL , a leading provider of end-to-end information management solutions and services for local governments, announced it has acquired audio and digital two-way radio communications technology and related assets from Radio 10-33, LLC. Tyler expects to deploy the acquired assets in future applications for recording E-911 transmissions.

With this acquisition, Tyler is investing in enhanced capabilities that will provide added value to emergency communication centers, law enforcement, fire and EMS agencies for monitoring and responding to the regions they serve. The recordings can be used by mobile units, dispatch centers, and agency professionals for instant incident playback, and can be saved as MP3 or MP4 video files with metadata.

“We are looking forward to integrating this advanced technology with our public safety solutions,” said Greg Sebastian, president of Tyler’s Public Safety Division. “Radio integration with a public safety software system is a significant benefit, providing backup for important information and assisting neighboring agency interoperability. We are always seeking best-of-breed technology to continuously improve service to existing and future clients.”

During the coming months, Radio 10-33’s technology and services offerings will be integrated into Tyler operations and branding.

Tyler Technologies Launches New World CrewForce Application for First Responders:

Tyler TYL  also announced that it has launched its New World CrewForce mobile application for licensed users of its New World public safety software.

The application, available on the iOS platform for iPad and iPhone, puts mobile capabilities into the hands of fire crews from the moment they are dispatched to a fire emergency.

New World CrewForce uses Google® Street View along with Esri®-powered maps to provide users with the contextual awareness they need, so they know what to expect on the scene of a fire. New World CrewForce customizes the information it provides based on the user and that person’s role in the emergency, delivering the right information at the right time.

“We developed the New World CrewForce application to be extremely intuitive in an emergency,” said Brian Leary, Tyler's vice president of software strategy and development for New World. “That means the application knows where users are located and what information they need as they need it. Plus, with the ability to understand spoken commands and read call narratives to users, it really acts as another member of the emergency response team, which is great for all those who travel alone to emergencies.”

“We’re thrilled to introduce the New World CrewForce application for our New World public safety clients, and we expect that it will provide significant benefits to them and their citizens,” said Greg Sebastian, president of Tyler’s Public Safety Division. “The launch of this application supports our commitment to developing leading technology for first responders and enhancing the safety of our clients and the communities they serve.”

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