Resonant (RESN) Reveals New Design for "HiPower" Band 41 Filter for Sampling

10:59 11/29/2017

A manufacturer and designer of filters for radio frequency devices, Resonant Inc. RESN , announced a brand new design called Band 41 which is a high power filter for radio frequency.

This new designed was made specifically due to the growing challenges required by the Chinese market including where high power and low loss are crucial. Band 41 meets the high-power handset standards for both the U.S and Chinese devices. Because of the new designs’ ultra-performance, it may be appropriate for network infrastructure applications.

Resonant’s RESN  Band 41 filter, which provides HiPower performance is measured to be one of the most challenging and complex filters to design in the industry. The two biggest improvements of the Band 41 include lower loss, which ultimately increases battery, and higher power durability which increases coverage.

CEO of Resonant RESN , George Holmes said, “This new Band 41 HiPower design delivers significantly enhanced performance over the Band 41 TDD design we announced at the end of October, providing for a single worldwide SKU. We believe the rapid deployment of new and improved designs demonstrates the power of our ISN platform, as well as the value our customers find when using Resonant’s technology.”

The new Band delivers almost 2 times the maximum power capability compared to the current band Resonant RESN  is using today. Resonant’s business model is shaped in sync with their ISN Foundry Program, which will continue to “blaze” new trials in the filter market.

Shares of Resonant RESN  about 5% pre-market and it is nearing the 52-week high. Shares are trading higher than it is been in the past three years and they look to keep trending upward.

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