Cigna Reveals New Prediction and Prevention Service to Diminish Temporary Disability Absences

11:27 11/28/2017

One of the leading providers of healthcare, Cigna Corporation CI , has introduced a new service to its integrated disability and health care solutions program. This service is called Absence Prediction and Prevention (AP&P) and it uses projecting analytics to establish which employees are at a great risk of developing an immobilizing injury or illness and using a health and wellness coach to implement solutions to avoid these temporary incapacities.

The new service, which will be added into Cigna Disability & Healthcare Connect, is eligible to approximately 200,000 employees from 42 employers. The trial test led to an average of 10.5% reduction in short-term injuries where employees must miss time from work.

Employees absent from workplaces has cost U.S companies about $226 billion every year. This is a growing problem that is impossible to stop, but possible to slow down. Cigna CI  plans to hire these health and wellness coaches to predict when illnesses and injuries are about to happen using their solution analytics.

President of Cigna’s CI  group insurance business, Bill Smith said, “Employers and employees are working toward the same goal. They want to take control of their health, be productive and contribute to the business. By designing health plans and disability benefits that work better together, we are taking deliberate actions to help accomplish that and drive down workplace absence.”

In addition to Cigna’s wellness coaching, their integrated health care solutions also provide employees access to: chronic condition management program; help individuals cope with stress and depression; and offering coaching and counseling for work-related challenges.

Cigna CI  has been examining the worth of integrated benefits for almost a decade and are enthusiastic to launch AP&P services through Cigna Disability & Healthcare Connect.

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