GE and NVIDIA Join Forces to Accelerate Artificial Intelligence Adoption in Healthcare

12:22 11/26/2017

GE Healthcare’s [NYSE: GE] +0.04 (+0.22%) 500,000 imaging devices will soon be upgraded via a major technological upgrade through the incorporation of cutting-edge artificial intelligence. GE and NVIDIA [NYSE: NVDA] +2.03 (+0.94%) are poised to bring their 10-year relationship to another level as they partner to accelerate the implementation of artificial intelligence in healthcare. The AI technology will greatly increase the speed by which healthcare data can be processed. The new NVIDIA Revolution Frontier CT system can process images twice as fast as its predecessor through the use of the AI computing platform.

“Healthcare is changing at remarkable speed, and the technologies that will transform the industry should reflect that pace,” said Kieran Murphy, President and CEO of GE Healthcare. “By partnering with NVIDIA, GE Healthcare will be able to deliver devices of the future – intelligent machines capable of empowering providers to improve the speed and accuracy of diagnoses for patients around the world.” The new system is FDA approved and will improve patients’ health outcomes, while also saving patients valuable time. One of the biggest issues with prior CT systems was non-interpretable scans, which invariably required unnecessary follow-up scans.

The new system will also result in more accurate clinical outcomes in the areas of liver and kidney lesion detection. “Our partnership with GE Healthcare brings together great expertise in medical instruments and AI to create a new generation of intelligent instruments that can dramatically improve patient care,” said Jensen Huang, founder and CEO of NVIDIA. Hospitals generate an unfathomable amount of data (50 petabytes on average) through medical imaging, clinical charts and sensors, along with operational and financial sources. Sadly, less than three percent of collected data is actionable, tagged or analyzed. GE Healthcare and NVIDIA will increase the amount of actionable data through the combination of powerful applications, the best in-class medical devices and fast processing speeds.

NVIDIA helped to pioneer the spread of AI across myriad fields including self-driving cars, robotics and video analytics, and is working with GE Healthcare to increase AI in the field of healthcare.0

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