BlackBerry Announces Licensing Partnership with Industry Leading Teletry

09:07 11/16/2017

BlackBerry BB  announced today that it has entered a tactical licensing agreement with Teletry, an automated communication process company that measurements and data are collected to monitor equipment and services.

Teletry is a private operating company that specializes in building relationships between patent holders and licenses in the very competitive wireless technology industry.

They plan to deliver effective solutions to BlackBerry’s product manufacturers to maintain and grow the wireless technologies’ vast portfolio of patented products. Teletry lands exclusive rights to a large number of patents that they can only work with.

As part of the deal, BlackBerry grants Teletry the right to sublicense a wide range of its patents to a popular smart phone manufactures around the globe. BlackBerry BB  will continue to own all 40,000 patents and applications and control its own licensing program outside of the deal with Teletry.

Kasim Alfalahi, CEO of Teletry commented, “We are pleased to be working with one of the pioneers of the modern smartphone who created one of the most valuable patent portfolios in the industry.”

“Through our new licensing program, Teletry looks forward to working with global smartphone manufacturers to license these innovative technology assets.”

BlackBerry management is extremely excited for this transaction and are optimistic for their advancements in the future.

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