Buffalo Wild Wings Shares Go Flying After Upgrade to Online Ordering

09:01 11/16/2017

An American sports bar restaurant BWLD  just revealed a new website that makes it easier to find and order their food on the menu using a mobile device or desktop. Buffalo Wilds Wings recently increased their spending on website transactions by 20%.

The new websites offers better visuals for the customers and offers continuous promotions and special offers.

The biggest key feature of the website is the mobile-first design. Buffalo Wilds Wings BWLD  were recently criticized by millennials that it wasn’t “up-to-date” with the advancements of technology.

B-Dubs’ majority visits were coming from mobile devices so they created a platform that is extremely mobile friendly. The site has experienced a 16% increase in mobile user satisfaction scores since the launch.

The second biggest adjustment was the visual and customizable menu that reflects a “show, don’t tell” approach. They offer pictures of every item on the menu that may help the customer pick what they want to order in a timely manner. Also, customers can customize any order to their personal preferences.

Director of digital experience for the restaurant chain, Brooks Goldade said, “With our new website, we wanted to create a more dynamic, responsive and personalized user experience that puts our fans one step closer to enjoying their favorite food.”

Buffalo Wild Wings management is extremely excited about their new platform and the future to come with more advancements and updaters on the way.

Shares of Buffalo Wild Wings BWLD  jumped 22% from Friday leading into the new trading week after the site was launched. B-Dubs recently took a major hit in its share price after critics slammed the sports bar restaurant but it looks like its on the right path to regroup.

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