Energous Corp's WattUp Wireless Charger Chosen for New Clothing Sensors

09:55 11/09/2017

A company that engages in developing wire-free charging systems WATT  and the inventor of WattUp (a revolutionary wireless charging device that delivers over-the-air power within certain distance) was chosen to be the premier technology benefactor for a new product line of smart, everyday apparel called SKIIN.

SKIIN is owned and designed by Myant, a Canadian company pioneering the function of technology into textile.

Myant is a small private company, which employs 80 individuals who are creating the world’s first computing platform that links humans through textiles.

SKIIN is the first product to securely document data from multiple sensors inserted in everyday clothing that is capable of delivering insights to the human body.

WattUp receiver technology makes it achievable to charge their sensors wirelessly during experiments.

Stephen Rizzone, president and CEO of Energous WATT  said, “Myant is a market leader in delivering a textile platform and signature line of smart apparel and we are excited that our WattUp technology has been chosen to power their sensors.”

The ability of WattUp to charge different and numerous receivers at the same time is unprecedented.

“Our goal is to make it as easy and as seamless as possible for our SKIIN customers to maintain continuous access to vital health information at all times. No other wireless charging vendor had the stability, scale and reliability of the WattUp ecosystem,” said Tony Chahine, CEO and Founder of Myant WATT .

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