The Global Roll Out For 280 Character Tweets by Twitter To Become A Reality

06:07 11/07/2017

The blue bird social media company Twitter, Inc.TWTR  is officially taking things a notch higher by letting its hundreds of millions of users now tweet 280 characters as opposed to its former 140 character limit. This could be a challenge to social media users who are already accustomed to sticking to the 140 character limit, while on the flipside this should come as good news for social media users with more to post about on their profiles.

This development comes after the company ditched the counting of user handles from its 140 character limit in addition to counting photos, GIFs and quote tweets as part of an individual tweet's character limit earlier this year.

Barely two weeks ago TWTR  stunned the street after beating analyst estimates for third quarter earnings of $586.7 million vs $590 million that the company posted. The social media company‚Äôs monthly active user stood at 330 million, an increase of 4 million users from the previous quarter.

In early tests, Twitter found that people with 280 characters saw more likes, retweets and engagement, and spent more time on Twitter, than they had previously.

Moreover, despite an initial bump in longer tweets, only 5 percent of tweets exceeded 140 characters, the company said.

The only Twitter users who will remain at 140 characters are those who post in Japanese, Korean or Chinese, the company said. Those languages have alphabets that typically allow for the expression of more thoughts in fewer characters, so adding more characters seemed unnecessary.

Twitter has struggled with making its service accessible to those who are accustomed to a lack of constraints on Facebook, home to billions. But perhaps the company is onto something

The chart on the blue birds stock is still not as enticing as it should be for the bulls.

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