Blue Bird Unveils All-New, Electric-Powered Type C School Bus

02:53 11/07/2017

Blue Bird Corporation BLBD  unveiled its all-new Blue Bird Vision Electric Type C school bus at the NAPT conference in Columbus, OH. The electric powertrain is supplied by ADOMANI, with drivetrain and vehicle control software developed and produced by their technology partner, Efficient Drivetrains, Inc.

Blue Bird BLBD  is a leading independent designer and manufacturer of school buses, with more than 550,000 buses sold since its formation in 1927 and approximately 180,000 buses in operation today.

This new lineup of Blue Bird electric buses integreates ADOMANI/EDI driftrain and vehicle control software and telematics, delivering zero-emissions driving with outstanding vehicle performance and torque.

These new buses also feature up to 100 miles of electric range, with a full sharge time of under 8 hours by utilizing a Type 2 charger and battery capacity of 150kWh. Most school bus routes fall well within the mileage range of these buses, and can save districts a ton of money on gas.

“We are excited to reveal our latest alternative-fuel option for the school bus market in 2018,” said Phil Horlock, president and CEO of Blue Bird Corporation.

Horlock added, “we want to offer the broadest range of school bus products in the market and take pride in leading the industry in propane and gasoline-powered school buses. Electric-power is the next step on our journey, and our exclusive partnership with ADOMANI/EDI will bring both Type C and Type D electric buses to our customers next year. Blue Bird strives to be first to market in offering customers smart, innovative and affordable solutions that they want and value.”

The electric drivetrain technology used in Blue Bird’s Vision and All American RE Electric vehicles has already been proven on the road in over 2.5 million miles of driving.

“The drivetrain has a proven track record of success in EV applications, and has performed extremely well in multiple testing scenarios,” said Jim Reynolds, president and CEO of ADOMANI.

“Add that to Blue Bird’s proven, safety-driven bus design, and you won’t find a better EV bus product out there,” Reynolds continued.

The new bus will be available in 2018.

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