Ryder System, Inc. Announces Revolutionary Solution to Help Commercial Rental Clients Obey New Logging Device Guidelines

09:37 11/03/2017

An American provider of transportation and leader in commercial fleet management and supply chain solutions R  announced its new groundbreaking Ryder Electronic Logging Device (ELD) platform that offers simple solutions to make it easier for commercial rental customers in the U.S to record their hours of service (HOS) electronically to comply with the December 18,2017 ELD Mandate regulations.

The ELD platform provides clients with additional flexibility, choice and control in fleet management.

R  is in partnership with Geotab, which helped develop this new platform. Geotab is a provider of telematics and fleet compliance management tools for monitoring and recording HOS.

The benefits of the ELD platform includes permitting customers to either use Ryder’s solutions or their own portable ELD equipment; Enable the use of a cellular data connected Android or iOS-based smartphone or tablet; Tracking the vehicle’s location, routing activity, and idle time.

Ryder is increasing its customers’ experience renting trucks for their corporations needs while reducing overall costs.

Rental Operations Vice President and Global Product Manager of Ryder, Rich Mohr said, “When you partner with Ryder to meet your unique commercial rental needs, wheater its for short-term or long-term rentals, our focus is the same as yours – compliance through simplicity, flexibility, control and the best customer experience in the industry.”

Ryder plans to continue to cooperate with government administrators and industry associates to further diminish predictable challenges for our customers presented by the ELD Mandate.

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