Cisco Redefines Storage Networking with Built-In Telemetry 32Gbps Storage Switch

10:23 10/26/2017

The multinational technology conglomerate company CSCO  announced new innovations for advanced storage networking that will assist customers to better analyze SAN operational performance. Also, this new storage network will provide cost-effective 32Gbps solutions that grow as digital business expands.

Stored data serves as the brain trust of global operations for CSCO  and advanced storage area networks (SANs) are extremely important to corporate digital business.

Cisco will deliver the MDS 9132T cost-effective 32Gbps storage switch, which offers built-in telemetry for flash memory atmospheres and built-in telemetry sensors for streaming on the device.

Also, it provides integration with Virtual Instruments for Fibre Channel (FC) SAN performance examining and storage networking support for Cisco’s data center switch, the Cisco Nexus 9300-FX.

CSCO  Storage Switch permits consumers to scale from 8 to 32 ports as demand raises and the semi-modular design caters to entry-level, departmental and enterprise-class SANs along with support for flash memory environments.

Senior director of product management for Cisco Data Center Solutions, Thomas Scheibe said, “Cisco now provides unmatched storage networking telemetry and performance options while also preserving customer technology investments.”

“With greater streaming telemetry options on a variety of platforms, a cost effective and flexible SAN switch with built-in telemetry for flash memory can elevate corporate storage environments with a full complement of SAN technologies at their disposal,” Scheibe added.

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