Tecogen Teams Up With Ontario Cucumber Grower

09:33 10/13/2017

A clean energy company TGEN  has announced that Beverly Greenhouses, an indoor cucumber grower in Ontario, Canada, decided to use one of its cost efficient combined heat and power units (CHP).

The unit, which includes an InVerde e+ and a Tecopower CM-75 that operate independently of each other, will provide Beverly Greenhouses' facilities with power and heat, significantly expanding their project's capacity.

Dale and Jan VanderHout, the two brothers who own and operate Beverly Greenhouses, stated, "For us the deciding factor in choosing Tecogen was economics. The installation of their products will enable us to win in multiple ways. It will lower our power costs, provide additional heat, and do so reliably. Efficiency and dependability are vital. The machines will be running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Significant downtime could adversely impact the return on our investment in this equipment."

"The indoor grow industry is already fairly well established in Ontario," Jeffrey Glick, Vice President of Sales for Tecogen, said. "Being able to get entry into it shows how powerful and unique Tecogen's value proposition truly is. It's really exciting to be able to get recognized as being a leading supplier to such an important and expanding industry as indoor farming."

Tecogen Co-CEO Benjamin Locke commented, "Clearly, we've already demonstrated consistent success in penetrating the nascent indoor cannabis industry. With this sale, we are now able to show that our power, heating, and cooling solutions are directly applicable to a broadening array of commercial crops."

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