Cisco Improves Intent-based Networking for Data Centers and Cloud Environments with New ACI Abilities

10:40 10/12/2017

The global networking and telecommunications company CSCO  announced they endured an advancement to its Application Centric Infrastructure (Cisco ACI). The ACI is industry leading Software Defined Networking (SDN) solution that presents easy-to-use for customers to adopt and improve intent-based networking. More than 4,000 ACI customers can increase business speed with network automation, better organization and enhanced security for private clouds with this new software release (ACI 3.0).

The advancements in the new application software is extremely significant in numerous ways. Business’ who use the network will experience a substantial difference in accurate speed, flexibility, security and scale across a wider variety of complex data centers and multi-cloud atmospheres.

New features for ACI 3.0 include multi-site management which allows customers to connect and direct several ACI fabrics that are dispersed all around the globe to increase accessibility and offer a global view of network policy through a single management portal.

Also, the new ACI 3.0 includes Kubernetes Integration which permits customers to install workloads as micro-services in containers, outline network policy and get unified networking constructs for containers.

Improved operational flexibility and visibility comes with the new updated ACI 3.0 software. Finally, the security upgrades defend networks by mitigating attacks as IP/MAC spoofing with First Hop Security integration which automatically validates workloads and places them in trusted security groups.

Senior Vice President for data center networking at Cisco, Isk Limkakeng said, “As our customers shift to multi-cloud strategies, they are seeking ways to simplify the management and scalability of their environments.”

“By automating basic IT operations with a central policy across multiple data centers and geographies, ACI’s new multi-site management capability helps network operations more easily move and manage workloads with a single pane of glass – a significant step in delivering on Cisco’s vision for enabling ACI Anywhere,” Linkakeng added.

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