New Age Beverages Corp. Announce Expansion of Aspen Pure Probiotic Across 23 States

10:55 10/10/2017

A Colorado-based organic beverage company NBEV  announced an expansion of Aspen Pure Probiotic throughout more than 2,000 stores across 23 states. New Age Beverage Corp. owns healthy functional brands like Xing, Aspen Pure Probiotic, Bucha Live Kombucha, Marley, and Coco-Libre.

NBEV ’s Aspen Pure Probiotic water is the world’s first probiotic water that includes more than 10 billion live colony forming elements (CFU’s/probiotics) in every serving. This brand contains 12 diverse probiotic strains and preserves the same clean, crisp texture of the original Aspen Pure Rocky Mountain Water.

The new product does not need to be refrigerated and contains up to two years of shelf life. Aspen Pure Probiotic water was internally manufactured at New Age about six months ago and was experimented at New Age’s own direct-store-distribution system in Colorado.

New Age began distribution and shelf placement of Aspen Pure Probiotic across the first 700 stores within the Ahold banners. It is priced competitively with other premium and organic waters. NBEV  will perform multiple marketing and sales practices to initially steer brand awareness to the new brand.

Jay Barrow, Head of Marketing said, “We learned a lot about consumer communication, retail execution at the point of sale, pricing, and brand placement in our initial test market in our own captive market in Colorado. This helped refine our messaging for consumers to understand the digestive health and immunity benefits of Aspen Pure Probiotic.”

“Now with the launch with Ahold’s banners we can implement that optimized sales and marketing execution mix to drive superior retail sell through,” Barrow added.

NBEV  was uplifted and moved to the NASDAQ exchange in Q1 2017 and since then, New Age has accomplished three additional acquisitions, eliminated approximately all Company debt, and recognized a brand portfolio competing in the massive beverage industry.

After the news was released, NBEV  rose 7% but is still trading at a six-month low of $2.75.

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