Long Island Iced Tea Corp. Launches New Product Line

08:47 03/14/2017

New York-based LTEA  has announced a new product line. The operator in the ready to drink segment of the beverage industry has launched The Original Long Island Brand™ Lemonade.

The new offering is infused with a splash of tea and is made with 100% raw cane sugar and non-GMO ingredients. The premium lemonade has a crisp and natural taste that differentiates it from other lemonades being sold in the United States market.

CEO Philip Thomas commented, "Beyond creating a delicious and refreshing lemonade, we made sure that the "better-for-you" attributes that are prominent within our iced tea range were incorporated into our new lemonade brand."

"This exciting new lemonade is available in nine real-fruit flavors, including Traditional, Lime, Peach, Watermelon, Mango, Strawberry, Kiwi Strawberry, Cherry and Wildberries, and incorporates a subtle splash of tea essence. We feel the Company is bringing a true point of difference to the conventional lemonade brands on the market today," Mr. Thomas also said.

Long Island Iced Tea also just recently acquired Alo Juice®, the number one aloe vera beverage in the United States. With the acquisition of Alo Juice®, and the newly launched lemonade, the company now is a key player in the "better-for-you" beverage category.

"Long Island Iced Tea® products are moving successfully in stores and we saw the opportunity to leverage our brand and positioning to capitalize on a different product offering. One that we believe would excite current customers and attract new consumers to our brand," said Mr. Thomas.

Long Island Iced Tea has developed non-alcoholic, premium iced tea and lemonade bottled beverages made with quality ingredients. The company's Original Long Island Brand™ Lemonade range consists of 9 real-fruit flavors. They come in both single 18oz bottles and 12-packs.

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