BootyMax Booty Shaper Could Be The Next Huge DRTV Product

07:43 01/20/2017


DRTV is known for showcasing successful consumer products with a multitude of ads on TV.

One of the fastest way to showcase a product to consumers is by direct response television (DRTV) advertising.

BootyMax Booty Shaper could become one of the next huge products to hit the direct response television advertising space.

The BootyMax is a product that tones and lifts with a smart-dial muscle targeting that has multi-directional resistance. It targets and tones the whole body including the upper body and core, and also tones the booty.

According to Jeff Kurani, the President of Tekno Products, "My philosophy with any product I'm backing is that you absolutely must put your money where your mouth is. That's why I'm supporting my company's current product launch of BootyMax with $100,000 to $400,000 per week in national DRTV ad buys."

Kurani has been involved in licensing, manufacturing and distribution business for over two decades.

Tekno Products has sold billions of dollars of products and have secured more than 90 active SKUs at major retailers across the U.S. and abroad. Categories include hardware, sporting goods, and health and beauty.

"With a large addressable market and an aggressive ad campaign, BootyMax is poised to be the next huge DRTV product with staying power. It is already becoming a household name," said Kurani.

According to Joseph Gray, the President of DRMetrix, and the exclusive provider of DRTV Industry Spend Index rankings for the Direct Response Marketing Alliance (DRMA), "BootyMax was in DRMetrix's Top 10 Spend Index Rankings for 'Short Form DR Products' in December 2016 based on legitimate TV ad spends, as reported by the DRMA's Response Magazine. Booty Max has been in the Top 40 Short Form Product rankings for the fourth quarter of 2016. The retailers who receive the AdSphere™ Spend Index™ rankings from DRMetrix on a weekly basis have been seeing BootyMax in the listings."

"There are serious flaws in the methodologies of television media research companies. Slick marketers know that a lot of information that comes from TV research companies can be manipulated," said Gray.

Kurani explained, "We want to make sure we get the most bang for our buck from our ad spend, and we want retail buyers to know that the ad rankings we present to them are as accurate as possible so they can make an informed purchase decision."

"If you believe in your product and you want it to sell, invest in well-targeted, strategic TV ad buys and invest in your product's manufacturing. When you've built a household name like we're doing for BootyMax, you'll be glad you listened," said Kurani.

John Yarrington from the Direct Response Marketing Alliance (DRMA), Response Magazine's trade alliance said, "We chose to partner with DRMetrix and showcase their rankings for top direct response advertising because the AdSphere™ Spend Index™ cuts through all the smoke and mirrors to the true details of product television ad buys."

"DRMetrix takes a very different approach and is the first television research company to resolve the underlying problems that have allowed so many marketers to practice a slight of hand that can lead retail buyers into costly purchase-decision mistakes."

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