Baidu Launches an Augmented Reality Lab

07:38 01/16/2017

Chinese language internet search provider BIDU  announced today that it has launched an augmented reality division.

The company has dedicated the newly launched Augmented Reality Lab to developing state of the art technologies and building AR-based applications for a variety of industries.

Baidu's new lab is a spin off from the company's Institute of Deep Learning (IDL) unit and is the company's effort in exploring AR applications.

It was last year that the company launched an augmented reality platform for smart phones and using this platform, Baidu has built a range of marketing and advertising solutions that are augmented reality-based for big brands that include KFC China, and Lancome.

The platform allows consumers to learn interactively about the brands' products. An example would be with L'Oreal China's users being able to activate augmented reality effects on shampoo bottles and getting promotions via images.

According to Andrew Ng, the Chief Scientist at Baidu who also is the head of Baidu Research, "Our cell phone-based approach has enabled us to ship Augmented Reality experiences to a significant number of users in a very short amount of time."

"There is an appetite for this technology; we are seeing rapid adoption by our partners in a range of industries," he continued.

Zhongqin Wu, the Head of Baidu's new AR Lab commented, ""AR allows us to synthesize the virtual world with the real world, and will transform how all of us perceive our surroundings. We've already seen rapid growth in AR marketing, and expect other industries to follow."

The new division has already launched a project that has "recreated" lost historical sites along a Beijing subway line using AR technologies. Passengers using subway line 2 will be able to use their smart phones starting today, to see 3D simulations of nine historical city gates of Beijing. These sites have been either demolished or have changed a lot in tim

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