Tesla Tells Employees They Need to Help Delivery Vehicles

12:44 03/25/2019

Tesla's TSLA  CEO Elon Musk has made a request, or maybe a demand, to employees regarding the company's vehicle deliveries.

Musk sent out an email to the electric vehicle maker's employees last week stating that their 'primary priority' is to help Tesla deliver tens of thousands of cars to the company's customers before this month ends.

According to Business Insider, Musk wrote, 'This applies to everyone. As challenges go, this is a good one to have, as we've built the cars and people have bought the cars, so we just need to get the cars to their new owners!”

Many of Tesla's cars are now sitting in distribution centers after being moved from the company's Fremont facility and are waiting to be delivered to the customers.

Musk had also said earlier this month that most of the cars from Fremont where shipped to the East Coast.

'The net result is a massive wave of deliveries needed throughout Europe, China and North America. This is the biggest wave in Tesla's history, but it is primarily a function of our first delivery of mass manufactured cars on two continents simultaneously, and will not be repeated in subsequent quarters,' he wrote.

According to Business Insider, Sanjay Shah, another Tesla executive, emailed the company's managers and said that employees were needed to deliver over 30,000 cars before March ends.

In other news, a Cowen analyst has lowered its price target on Tesla from $200 to $180 this past Friday.

According to analyst Jeff Osborne, data suggests deliveries during the quarter could fall below expectations, even with Tesla’s “typical end of quarter frantic push.”

He lowered his Model 3 delivery forecast from 55,000 to 47,500 and also lowered his Model S and Model X delivery forecast from 21,500 to 18,000.

“Management will likely attribute the likely delivery miss to vehicles in transit to Europe and China, but we believe low demand in the U.S. is also a factor,” Osborne said.


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